Fiberon vs Trex

When you build something, you want it to last for as long as it can, right? Well composite decking offers a lasting solution tp outdoor space flooring than most other methods. It really isn’t about Fiberon vs Trex here, but winning the fight against exposure to elements such rain, sun, snow, etc, which may wear them down with time. So basically we ought to focus on which one will last longer (and look nice too) on our decks.

Let’s look at durability, the utmost important quality you should look for. As opposed to wood, composite lumber is a mixture of wood fiber and plastic that forms a stronger bond, and thus can with stand the test of time. Besides, it is a better practice using composite instead of wood for environmental degradation reasons. More so, composite decking requires minimal maintenance and up keep…and it looks nice.

When choosing whether to go for Fiberon or Trex, I would look at the ‘product’ on offer first. It all depends on the ideas you have for your outdoor spaces. Really, the design and shapes, fasteners, colors, etc, can make it hardtop make a choice of which one suits you. but a good product should ‘wow’! you first, then you can take a look at the which one blends in with your house and surroundings.

I think Trex offers a wider variety of products such as combinations of railing and decking, decking and drainage, and a host of the other accompanying furniture. This is sort of a one-stop-shop, which in essence is the ‘lasting solution’ you might be looking for. Fiberon, on the other hand, impress me with their artistic mixture of colors in their simple decking designs.

So,the fight is not Fiberon vs Trex, but designe vs variety, space vs relevance. So it is for you, and your loved ones, to pick the fight that would make the lasting choice.