Fiberon vs TimberTech

Which line is better, Fiberon vs TimberTech? Choosing the right decking is never an easy task. There are many different lines of products and models to choose from. There are several factors that need to be considered in order to choose the right decking, such as the decking materials, finish, durability, and warranty. That is why, in the following article, we will try to help you choose the right decking between Fiberon and TimberTech.

About the Fiberon Decking Products
The Fiberon brand is quite large. Fiberon has at least six different lines of decking products that differ from each other in design and material. Fiberon’s decking lines include Good Life, Sanctuary, ProTect Advantage, Horizon, Symmetry, and Paramount PVC. All except the Paramount PVC line are made using a composite material – see the comparisons between Fiberon vs Azek Decking here. Fiberon’s composite material is made from wood fibers and vinyl to create a sturdy and durable platform.

The Good Life, Sanctuary, and ProTect Advantage lines are not very recommended because their decking boards only have three-sided protection. The bottom side of the decking board is not protected, and this can lead to mold growth, water penetration, and insect infestation. Composite boards are not resistant to moisture and insects. On the other hand, the Horizon and Symmetry lines are great choices because these decking boards have four-sided protection. The Paramount PVC line is different from the others because it is completely made from vinyl, so it is resistant to moisture and insects.

Fiberon provides various color choices, but the availability depends on the decking line that you choose. For example, the Symmetry line has elegant brown shades, whereas the Horizon line has warmer red shades. Unfortunately, the Paramount PVC line’s color choices are rather pale-looking.

Fiberon is loved by many people because of the excellent warranties. Every decking product has a 25-year fade, stain, and performance warranty, except for the Paramount PVC line which has a limited lifetime warranty.

About TimberTech Decking Products
TimberTech is also a large brand with various decking product lines. In general, TimberTech’s decking products can be categorized into two groups based on the materials used, which are wood composite decking and capped wood composite decking.

The lines that use wood composite are ReliaBoard, DockSider, and TwinFinish. The wood composite is made from plastic and wood fibers. Compared to hardwood, it is indeed more resistant to weather conditions. It is also more convenient because it does not need sealing and it is splinter-free.

The lines that use capped wood composite are Legacy, Tropical, and Terrain. The wood composite is protected by a vinyl cap so that the surface is virtually invulnerable to water and moisture. The shell covers all sides of the board for optimum protection.

TimberTech has a wide range of color collections, which include refined browns, traditional reds, and sophisticated grays. TimberTech’s decking products may come with 25-year or 30-year limited warranties.

If you prefer to use wood composite in order to mimic the feel and performance of hardwood, TimberTech’s capped wood composite is better. The decking board is protected on all sides, and the warranties are slightly better. However, for a decking installation that will get exposed to water and moisture a lot, Fiberon’s Paramount PVC is much more recommended. It is more durable, and it has an exclusive limited lifetime warranty.