Fiberon vs Azek Decking

If you are tired with molds and unexpected splinters of wood decking, consider replacing with composite decking. Even though wood decks are indeed beautiful, wood decks require lots of maintenance. Often, the maintenance requirements can be very demanding that people start to wonder whether the benefits worth all the efforts. If you are looking for an efficient and durable decking material, there are several manufacturers that produce composite decks, such as Fiberon and Azek. Below, we will compare Fiberon vs Azek decking to help you decide.

Most of Fiberon decking products are made of composite materials that are wrapped in PVC for enhanced protection and durability against the environment – we have discussed about Fiberon vs Veranda previously. The composite materials combine plastic and wood fibers, so that the decking can be sturdier and more durable to withstand impacts. However, the wood fibers may cause the decking to swell or contract when exposed to temperature changes. In addition, if the wood fibers are exposed to the environment, moisture and water may cause damage – but this is usually only a problem for an installation that is going to be submerged or heavily exposed to water.

Actually Fiberon also has a line of decking products that completely use PVC, which is the Paramount series. However, the color availability is rather limited, with just brown, light gray, and dark gray options.

On the other hand, Azek’s decking products are fully PVC. They are completely impervious to water and moisture. They are also resistant to insects, so there is no need to worry about potential infestation. In general, full-PVC decking is easier and more convenient to maintain. However, full-PVC decking is not suitable for places with direct exposure to the sun. It can get very hot, and the material does not withstand high heat well.

Design and Appearance
Fiberon is awesome because it provides a wide variety of designs. It has various product lines with different styles and characteristics. We have mentioned about the Paramount decking above, which is fully PVC. The appearance is pretty good. For the most elegant looks, consider the Horizon or at least the Symmetry lines. For outdoor, ArmorGuard and Xtreme lines are solid choices. There are various color choices, ranging from light brown to different shades of gray.

On the other hand, Azek provides three different lines of products: Vintage, Arbor, and Harvest. Vintage has rich colors with slight board-to-board variations. Arbor has a wide range of warm, earthy tones. Vintage has soft, calming color palettes. The color choices range from warm, refine browns to traditional reds to sophisticated grays.

Finally, let’s see the warranty differences between Fiberon vs Azek decking. Fiberon provides different warranties for different product lines. The Paramount line has a lifetime limited warranty, which is awesome. Other decking products may have 15-year, 20-year, or 25-year warranties. On the other hand, Azek provides a 30-year limited warranty for material defects, fade and stains, termite and rot damage.

In general, Fiberon’s Paramount decking is the best value for the money due to the lifetime warranty. However, if you want a wider range of colors, Azek is a good choice. The 30-year warranty is already very good.