Evapo Rust vs Naval Jelly

Rust is a very common problem that can occur on almost all metals, especially the unprotected ones. It can happen on the fencing, on door rails and hinges, and on parts of your bike. As a countermeasure, you can get yourself a bottle of rust remover, which can be handy for maintaining those things. There are two rust remover products very popular on the market; they are Evapo Rust and Naval Jelly. Evapo Rust is famous as a biodegradable rust remover product that is safe on the skin, whereas Naval Jelly is often praised for the fast and effective result. So, which is the rust remover that you should choose?

Active Ingredients
For sure, these two products use different active ingredients. Evapo Rust, claiming to be a super safe rust remover that contains no acids, contains water, proprietary non-hazardous detergent, and proprietary non-hazardous chelating agent. The manufacturer does not list the complete ingredients because they are considered as trade secrets. But the ingredients are said to be biodegradable and safe on skin. Such properties are awesome. Most rust remover products are known to be toxic and able to irritate the skin.

On the other hand, the active ingredient of Naval Jelly is phosphoric acid. This is a harsh acid, and it can irritate skin and eyes. But it is indeed powerful to combat rust.

Size Options
Evapo Rust is available in large size options. There are 32-oz, 1-gallon, 3.5-gallon, and 5-gallon options. On the other hand, Naval Jelly is only available as 8-oz and 16-oz bottles.

Functions and Features
Evapo Rust is designed to remove rust from bare metal. It does not eat away paint and coating, but it can indeed loosen them, so you may need to re-apply the paint or coating. Evapo Rust has neutral pH, and is biodegradable, safe on skin, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. To use Evapo Rust, you simply need to soak the metal in the liquid.

On the other hand, Naval Jelly comes with a brush applicator for easy application. Unlike Evapo Rust, Naval Jelly requires you to apply the liquid on the affected area using the brush. Naval Jelly is ideal for treating heavily rusted items and preparing a surface for priming or painting.

Both products are effective for eliminating rust. Naval Jelly can work quite faster, especially in dealing with heavily rusted items. However, Naval Jelly can sometimes leave a mark on the metal. Meanwhile, Evapo Rust may take much longer, but usually does not leave a mark.

In general, Evapo Rust is much more recommended. It is effective for eliminating rust, yet it is very safe to the user and environment.