Embody vs Aeron

It is essential for a lot of people who do most of their work on a desk to find a chair that they can get comfortable sitting at for hours on end because that will help them focus on the tasks and not on how painful their backs and backsides are. There are two designs from the Herman Miller brand that have gained a great amount of attention from the office-goers, and through this article we wish to help you figure out which one suits your needs the most. Thus, below is a detailed review regarding Embody vs Aeron.


The main benefit of having the Embody chair in your workplace is that its seat and backrest are both flexible and adapts to the movements of the person who sits on it. Such a feature means that (s)he no longer has to press any button or lever to make Embody follow his or her stance. Meanwhile, Aeron offers more rewards, as its posture-fit characteristic encourages the individual to prevent reclining. The idea about this model is that the backrest is leaning slightly forward, so whoever uses it needs to sit in an upright position to stay on the chair. In addition to that, it has mesh that is lightweight and relaxing.


Although the Aeron chair conforms to the posture of its user, the cushion for the spine is quite stiff and narrow, and they cannot replace it. Likewise, the armrests and lumbar support of the other chair have limited adjustment features; that’s why it may become uncomfortable for people who have varying heights.

In this Embody vs Aeron review, we can conclude that the latter has more pros offer than the former because it enables the consumers to fix their posture and provides a cooling effect that the thick cushion of the Embody chair cannot give.