Duvet vs Quilt

There are amount of styles when it talks about beddings, and the whole of the world, the name is different and the designs are in vogue when it also talks to snuggling under the covers for a warm and cozy sleep at night. Some of us are often confused with some differences between Duvelt vs Quilt and have their own preferences to call the blanket they use as a quilt or a duvet. However, the differences and similarities between quilt and duvet that will be discussed in this article are aiming to remove any doubts between them.

History of Duvet

Duvet is stuffing made from fabric, silicon or dacron were used to fill the quilt cover. Usually the fabric white duvet and not sewn with quilt cover. Duvet a bit a bit thick, can also be called a quilt. Duvet and plain apart from the mattress itself. Because its function is to complete. Many Duvet which is designed to follow the size of the quilt cover. Duvet is a little bit thicker, in addition to functioning as a sack from the quilt cover. Duvet has an effect as to decorate the room. If traced, Duvet of France meaning down (below). We can liken the duvet like a pillow, a bag that contains silicon, dacron, wool, or goose down. Plain coloured duvet usually white so as to make it more interesting, will usually be given a Holster that we call the duvet cover. This cover is removable so that it’s easier to be washed and replaced in accordance with the motif of the bed linen we wear.

Duvet actually comes from China where the people there already use 3000 years since the duvet BC as one of the United Kingdom named Paul Rycaut brought the marketing and duvet in the United Kingdom for the first time but unfortunately his efforts when it failed. In 1749, a writer named Thomas Nugent United Kingdom write descriptions about duvet commonly used by families in Europe in a writing. Duvet marketed back in 1964 and began to commonly used in the 1970s in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom is referred to as the continental duvet quilt or quilt. Currently duvet began widely used because of the ease of its use. We just need to buy a single duvet quilt cover set and the matching with spray. More frugal money and also a place for storage. (Read also : Duvet Cover vs Comforter)

History of Quilt

Quilting was introduced by Europeans who at that time was doing the move from Europe to America. And in the 19th century 18-19 begin developing progress with many results from the creative techniques of quilting. Patchwork or crafting patchwork is a combination of the tiny pieces of fabric are sewn (piecing, machine or hand piecing) so as to form a larger piece. Because generally patchwork then became the top layers of a quilt, then most of us refer to as a patchwork quilt. But by definition, quilt fabric sheet is made of three layers – the top layer, the middle layer of the form commonly referred to as upholstery foam batting, namely consisting of polyester, cotton, and wool. While the Undercoat is 1 fabric sheets, or fabric that is also sewn consists of several composite fabrics like the top part, but generally his mantle pieces in large sizes).

The top layer can be made from pieces of a patchwork but could also only from a piece of large (e.g. in the form of panel) fabric or cloth that has been decorated with a pattern of application. The third layer is then sewn by hand (hand quilting) or machine (machine quilting), or suture knot using yarn, Ribbon, or yarn for embroidery (all above called embellishment). Each of these techniques produces a pattern of texture and certain distinctive design on a quilt.

Advantages of Duvet

A duvet is warm and light when you use it before sleeping. The filling are made from down, feathers or synthetic material, weighs less but still can keep you as a sleeper warm. Duvet covers are easy to clean by just simply throwing it in the washing machine, just like a sheet. The duvet itself, whether it is filled with down or feathers, it also should be cleaned once a year to keep it always fresh. You must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations or you can put it in the washer on gentle setting. After that, dry them in the dryer that can keep them fluffed up. Some of quilts are so large that is it easier to use the big washers and dryers in a Laundry mart. Purchasing and choosing a new duvet covering is a low-cost way may change the look of your low price-bedding. All you can do just pulling the duvet out of the old covering and insert it into the new one.

Advantages of Quilt

A quilt is as warm as the batting inside. The warmer it is, the heavier it is too. For some users, a heavy covering at night’s sleep makes it difficult to sleep. Quilts have to treat a special care. You should be able to put a modern day quilt into your washing machine and hang it up to dry, but it is safer to wash it by your self with your hands. Heirloom quality quilts might be hand washed to prevent unraveling and deterioration. Quilts do the best it can as if they are washed no more than once per year. It aims for it is a bad idea to let your pet lounge on one. A quilt also can make an attractive bed covering. Because they come in such a huge range of styles, they go with any decor. Heirloom quilts are always rustic and often one-of-a-kind. However, you never can change the look of the quilt because the covering stays the same.


Duvet vs Quilt are two different types of beddings or bedcovers. Quilts have a thin layer of filling inside whereas duvets are fluffy in appearance. On the other hand, Duvets are plain and are mostly off white, white and beige in color whereas quilts have many different colors and designs. Both of the pattern of stitching of quilts and duvets is quite different too. You can choose wisely according to your needs.