Drop Spreader vs Broadcast Spreader

Spreaders help you apply granular fertilizer or herbicide to your lawn. They can also spread grass seed. The main difference between drop spreader vs broadcast spreader is the precision of application.. Drop spreaders help to drop the lawn product between to the wheels so that you have a control over exactly where the product falls for a precise application anyway . In other words, a broadcast spreader is faster, but a drop spreader is more targeted. The Drop spreaders are the simple machines that serve on their purpose extremely well when they are used correctly. They also can be used to spread the variety of substances, including: Grass Seed, Fertilizer, Seed,Ice Melt,Sand and Feed Mixtures.

They work at their suggested names as well. As they all were pushed all along, seeds are dropped down straight through holes to the bottom of hopper as well. Unlike a broadcasting spreader, which spreads all seeds within having a wide range of distance, a single drop spreader only able to cover all areas that it crosses. Broadcast spreaders, It can cover over large areas with in a short term amount of time overall, but people often about to throw seeds into all of the areas where it is not useful or wanted to be, by using a drop spreader, prevents the seed from going anywhere but straight down.

Broadcast spreader

Broadcast spreader is the next size which is designed to be towed behind all garden tractor or ATV as well. It is very similar in size and shape to the tow behind units are also broadcast seeders at that much mount to all the three-point of hitch a compact utility tractor, drop spreader vs broadcast spreader these two are ideal known for landscape and also for small property maintenance and also a matter of great competition. It is still larger and also one of the commercial broadcast seeders or spreaders are designed or sized appropriately fora agricultural tractors and it mount to the tractor’s two or three-point of hitch. The broadcast seeders which are mounted to a three or two points hitch are powered by a power to take-off the P.T.O. shaft side from a tractor. It is also one of the largest sizes are pulled behind or chassis that mounted units fora agricultural to be use that can be spread widths up to 90 feet.


Whether if you are using with drop spreader or broadcast spreader, do not forget turn off the spreader before adding the lawn care products or a grass seed. Add lawn products to the spreader over a sidewalk or driveway to avoid spilling too much product on one of the known area of the lawn.When you are about tousle a drop-spreader, overlapped wheel marks to ensure even coverage, using a drop-spreader rather than a rotary spreader also allows you to avoid planting lawn seed in nearby flower beds.

A large amount of material hopper is positioned over for a horizontal wheel spinning disk, that the disk has a series of 3fins with attached with it which throw out the dropped down materials to the hopper to out and keep it is all away from the seeder. Alternately a pendulum also spreading mechanism may employed, this agricultural method is more common with in mid-sized commercial-spreaders to improved consistency in spreading.