Dawn vs Palmolive

If you want to clean or wash the kitchen furniture, dish soap that you use must be precise. The intent of soap that is able to remove stains leftovers quickly. By selection of the proper SOAP, stain the former eat there on the plate could quickly disappear and leave no fishy smell. In choosing soap for washing kitchen equipment, should you choose a SOAP containing natural ingredients.

When you select the soap for washing dishes, glasses or other kitchen furniture, it would be nice if you choose soap which can make the stain quickly lost, and the scent is fresh also did not make the hot and rough hands. In this case, a soap containing natural ingredients are indeed suitable to you choose and you are using. In addition to not make hands into hot and rough, also left no fishy smell on your kitchen furniture washing. And choosing the right soap can you meet at a nearby store and unusual again if you choose products with the most famous brand, i.e. only Palmolive vs. Dawn. In addition, two famous soap is also known to be highly qualified. Further discussion would you guys know after reading the article below.

Product’s Description

Dawn Ultra Dish Wash is a dishwashing liquid in a special formulation more robust and fast to clean up the grime, more fragrant and more gentle hands. Dawn Ultra Dish has 2 x more effective to clean your dishes fat so you can wash more dirty dishes. No matter what you cook-cooking in the kitchen, Dawn Ultra dishwashing liquid will complete your dishes are always clean each time. Based on purge material vs. non-ultra-Joy and contain twice the effective power of cleaning oil bulldoze in any tests. While the formula of concentrated help you clean more of the plate with just a little bit of liquid soap. There are 2 aromas that is original and the scent of lemon. To remember, former water leaching with Dawn Ultra Dish can be used for watering the plants, so in order to save the cost of the payment of clean water. Dawn Ultra Dish is the best solution to lighten it and save your expenses.

Product’s Description of Palmolive

Palmolive Original Dish Soap can remove tubborn food grime and particles from your plates with this Original Palmolive Dish Liquid. It contains a formula designed to be tough on grease while remaining soft on your hands. This phosphate-free dish washing liquid is suitable for tackling even your hardest-to-clean pots and pans. It comes with thick, rich formula cuts for the toughest grease. It leaves your dishes sparkling clean, tough on grease, and soft on hands. It also comes in form of squeeze bottle application method, eco-friendly, liquid form, moisturizing, and original scent. Palmolive understands it’s important to know what goes into the products you and your family use, and why they are in there.

The Differences

One generalize that can be made is that most of the time when a company such as P&G has several brands of a product made for the same thing such as Joy, Ivory, and Dawn. They formulate them similarly, for economy of scale. That is, most of the time one differs from the other aside from color & perfume. For relatively short periods one of their brands departs from their general formula, and then if it sells well they change the others to that formula too. For Colgate the parallel brand to Palmolive would be Dermassage. We are telling you this because sometimes you can infer the formula of one brand from the same company’s other brand.

Palmolive switched their dishwashing liquid and antibacterial hand soap to antibacterial dishwashing liquid, switching its US statutory category from drug-and-cosmetic to pesticide, its active ingredient changing from triclosan to lactic acid. When it was labeled for washing hands, the cosmetic ingredient labeling, as required, was more specific than it now is as an EPA registered disinfectant (pesticide). If they ever decide to make a skin-softening claim, which they might in view of lactic acid’s being among the alpha-hydroxy acids that do that, they’ll restore the CTFA/INCI cosmetic ingredient labeling, and then you’ll get a better view of their ingredients.

Pros and Cons

Dawn Ultra dishwashing liquid is so concentrated that can clean 2x more dishes, which means less waste from plastic bottles, but it is also rather pricey. Dawn Ultra liquid is a pretty universal and efficient cleaning agent. Beside dishwashing, it works well for removing stains, cleaning kitchen utensils, and even washing a car. How about Palmolive? Palmolive dishwashing liquid will leave your skin soft, preventing cracking on your hands. The super concentrated formula fights the toughest grease. But, the fragrance is a bit heavy. Palmolive dish soap boasts super suds that will make all your dishes, flatware, pots and pans shiny clean. It works perfectly on grease and kind on hands.

The Verdict

Finally, in my pros and cons of Dawn and Palmolive, you will be pleased that the Palmolive is cheaper to buy than the Dawn. And at least for buyers, it is cheaper to use, because the Palmolive makes a lot of suds with one squeeze and you have to keep “boosting” the dawn to make adequate suds. So economy comes into play here. If you try to move a few years back and to be fair, you should try the Dawn again thinking that the change in water might affect it and do the same trial between Dawn and Palmolive. Once again, Palmolive still become the winner. In this review, Palmolive cut grease as well as Dawn. Palmolive produced more suds and is actually cheaper to buy than Dawn. Palmolive is also easier on hands and cheaper to use over the long run.


Based on the reviewed on mostly customers and experiments, the plates and saw that the Dwan had cleaned most of its plate compared to the Palmolive had cleaned its plate too but left behind the tough spots. Overall, Dawn will be the best soap for washing dishes and got rid of those spots. You will also find that we are right, if we wash dishes with dawn then they will turn out cleaner than washing them with Palmolive.