Cotton vs Polyester Sheets

There are various types of fabric t-shirt that is circulating on the market and used in accordance with needs of each. In General, the t-shirt fabric commonly used is divided into two: the fabric of organic t-shirts and fabric the synthesis. Fabric organic t-shirt is a t-shirt material substances primarily derived from nature. Usually the main ingredient is derived from cotton fabric that is then processed into cotton. While fabric the synthesis contains a mixture of chemically processed in such a way, so as to produce a decent shirt fabric worn with consumer prices and cost of production. Each has one representative example: Cotton vs Polyester Bed Sheets.

Cotton Sheet
Cotton Sheet is a type of fabric knitting are made from cotton fibre. There are different types of fabric similar to a Cotton Sheet that is the fabric of PE. The easy way to distinguish them is in a cotton Sheet is burned then it smelled like paper or wood are burned, will, and the operations of the fire slowly. Cotton is made from cotton fibres, raw materials the cotton Sheet before becoming a must undergo a series of processes in the past through to the end could be the Sheet used to make a wide variety of Sheeting. Cotton is processed by means of fibre separated between long and short fibres. Where the fibre quality later will determine the quality of the fabric that will be produced. Cotton Sheet has beneficial properties are properties that are strong in the wet state increased by 25%, it can absorb water (hygroscopic), heat resistant, high iron and hold the medicines. Besides its profitable above there is the nature of the disadvantage, namely cotton is not resistant to mineral acids and organic acids, which cause less springy cotton easily tangled, and cotton can shrink when washed, cotton Sheet should be stored dry or in circumstances where it’s not humid. Cotton fabric also has a strong nature (even when it is still wet to absorb), pull the body heat, tangled, shrink or constrict (unless handled properly), damaged by the Sun, sweat and rotted.

Polyester Sheets
Polyester is the synthesis fibre of the substance of its components is also widely found in petroleum. This synthesis of material made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) – material that was found in a plastic bottle. Therefore a lot of plastic drinks bottles in recycle by way of heating it back so that the fibre or polyester fibre it can be obtained. The fabric is made of polyester fibre is known for durable, not easily tangled, and dry faster when dried. Another plus is the polyester more resistant to a wide range of bacteria, water resistant (water-resistant) and also did not easy shrink. But like other fibres types have advantages and disadvantages as a textile material, polyester also has a weakness that is not able to absorb sweat so that it feels hot when used in hot weather. This material is better suited in the air-conditioned room or in a cool area. Although fibre polyester that’s smooth and slick but these fibres can also lead to skin irritation for some users. Polyester material is also flammable, much like most other synthesis fabric because the material these materials made of polymer. Another plus is the polyester resistant to washing or dry cleaning chemical nor organic solvents. Because of its ability to survive against bacteria and fungi, materials conservation is also a favorite material for use on a pillow, blanket or pillow case.

To understand the difference between Cotton vs. Polyester Bed Sheets, it can be seen from the character of the materials. Cotton is the fabric of the processed raw material of cotton. We know that this type of cotton fabric that is smooth, soft and cool feel on our skin. Types of Cotton is the most raw materials used for the manufacture of Sheet sheets. While the Polyester fabric is a type of raw material of fibre synthesis. The chosen material is polyester synthetic fibres material because it can mask the weakness of cotton materials.