Cooktop vs Range

Stoves are a staple in modern kitchens. They are used in most cooking activities. You can use a stove to cook virtually any food, provided that you have the right tools. However, when buying a new stove for the kitchen, people often get confused between a cooktop vs range. So, which one is actually better?

Continue reading below for more information about:
– What cooktops and ranges are,
– The features and benefits of a cooktop vs range,
– The disadvantages of cooktops and ranges, and
– Which type of stove that is generally better for your kitchen.

What is a Cooktop?
A cooktop is a cooking appliance that is designed to sit on your countertop. This stove does not come with an integrated oven. So, you may need to purchase a wall oven separately, depending on your kitchen’s needs and condition.

A cooktop is more like a drop-in unit. It is handy and practical for a kitchen that already has equipment and decoration. You can put it on the countertop or an existing wall oven. Cooktops are available in many sizes, but the most common size is 30”. They are about as wide as the ranges’ stoves, so the available cooking surface is similar. There are gas, electric, and induction cooktops available in the market.

What is a Range?
A range is an all-inclusive cooking appliance which consists of an integrated cooktop and wall oven. On the top, there is a stove unit. On the bottom, there is an oven. A range is designed to slide right in-between your countertops to create a seamless look.

Ranges are available in many sizes, from 20 inches (suitable for RVs and small homes) to 60 inches (suitable for commercial purposes such as restaurants). For an average home, a range between 30 – 36 inches is suitable. But if you have enough space, a 48-inch range is great, as it usually comes with additional features.

Space and Installation
A cooktop makes a good choice if you already have an oven. Purchasing a range will be inefficient if you aren’t going to use the integrated wall oven. In addition, a cooktop is much smaller and slimmer, so you can place it easily in your kitchen. So, a cooktop is better if you only need a stove.

However, if you need to buy both a stove and an oven, a range is much more recommended. Purchasing a stove and an oven separately tends to be more expensive. The installation is also more complicated. On the other hand, a range is usually more cost-efficient and much easier to install.

Available Models
Cooktops generally have more variants. Choosing a cooktop can be more flexible because there are various cooktops with different sizes, burner styles, and features. There are also induction cooktops, which are famous for their low power consumption. However, as noted by Wikipedia, these induction cooktops require specific cookware to work, such as stainless steel or cast-iron cookware.

On the other hand, ranges have fewer variants. Well, there are many styles and options available, but they are not as diverse as cooktops. In addition, ranges don’t have induction cooktops.

If you have a separate cooktop and oven, you have more flexibility in their placement. You can put them both on your countertop, so they are easy to access. On the other hand, with a range, accessing the oven unit is a little more inconvenient. You have to crouch, kneel, or bend in order to access the oven unit.

Cooktop vs Range

- A cooking appliance that is designed to sit on the countertop- An all-inclusive cooking appliance with integrated stove and oven
- Has more variants in sizes and burner styles- Has fewer variants
- Has induction cooktops- Doesn’t have induction models
- Purchasing a cooktop and oven separately is usually expensive- Generally more affordable
- More flexibility in oven placement- The oven unit is difficult to reach at the bottom

If you don’t have an oven yet, a range is more recommended. It is much more efficient and practical, as it includes a stove and oven. The cost is usually lower than purchasing a stove and oven separately. It is also easier to install. However, a cooktop is great if you already have an oven.