Comfy Sack vs Ultimate Sack

Comfy Sack and Ultimate Sack are two of the most popular bean bag chairs on the market. We may find it a little funny seeing how the two brands clearly compete against each other. They even make their own comparisons to show that one brand is better than the other. In the article below, we will try to explain the differences and notable comparisons between Comfy Sack vs Ultimate Sack to help you choose the best for your home!

Both Comfy Sack and Ultimate Sack are available in several sizes. The popular sizes are 4-ft, 5-ft, and 6-ft. However, the bean bag chairs of Comfy Sack are mostly smaller than the Ultimate Sack counterparts. For example, let’s take a look at Comfy Sack’s 6-ft bean bag chair. This model measures 72 inches x 72 inches x 34 inches. On the other hand, Ultimate Sack’s 6-ft bean bag chair is bigger, as it measures 72 inches x 72 inches x 42 inches.

Depending on the available space in your home and your body size, you may prefer either the smaller or the larger chair. If you don’t have much free room for the chair, getting the smaller bean bag chair would be a wiser idea. You should make sure that you will still have enough room to walk around after the addition of the chair. However, if you have a lot of free room, you may want to consider getting the larger bean bag chair, which may be more comfortable especially for a taller user.

Color Choices
When choosing a new chair, you want to get it with the right color that suits your decoration. If you choose the wrong color, the bean bag chair will look out of place and disturb the overall atmosphere of the room. So, try to pair it with the color theme.

Comfy Sack is better in terms of color choices because it does provide more options. You can get it in chocolate, cocoa, cinnabar, camel, black, charcoal, hunter, sage, olive, lime, lemon, tangerine, purple, magenta, navy, sky blue, or royal blue.

On the other hand, Ultimate Sack has fewer color choices. There are gray, black, brown, charcoal, electric blue, cloud, navy, red, wine, burgundy, olive, khaki, and hunter color choices.

Durability and Warranty
Both Comfy Sack vs Ultimate Sack use shredded foam fillers. However, they indeed use the respective materials from their companies. Which one is the more durable product?

Comfy Sack boasts that their products are far more durable. They even have demonstrated that their bean bag chairs are tank-proof! These bean bag chairs are indeed very resilient, as they can withstand getting crushed by a tank. Each Comfy Sack chair is protected by a 5-year warranty that covers both the cover and liner.

On the other hand, Ultimate Sack’s bean bag chairs are also durable, although they don’t go as far as crashing their chairs with a tank. The warranty only goes for 3 years, though.

In general, we recommend you to choose Comfy Sack. It has more color choices and a better warranty. It is also known to be very durable.