Comfy Sack vs Lovesac

There’s a lot of huge bean bags competition in the world right now. The best next-generation bean bag are made by some companies for the home market. These bean bag chairs are versatile pieces of furniture that can replace the couch in your television room, family room or game room and often become one of the most used stuffs of furniture in the house. Currently, if you’re looking for a high quality huge bean bags, let’s take a look at the review of the two biggest oversized bean bag furniture makers out there, Comfy Sack vs Lovesac.

Comfy Sack
The Comfy sack is filled with shredded Comfy Foam, made of high-quality furniture-grade polyurethane foam, while Love Sacks are made of shredded Durafoam a type of scrap polyurethane foam also used in carpet padding. Both products are much more comfortable and durable than the foam pellets used to fill beanbags of old. The products are shipped in a shrunken state to save on shipping costs. All the consumer has to do is fluff up the bean bag and insert it into its cover to make the bean bag couch useable. Comfy Sacks are made in the United States and come with a two year limited warranty on both the bean bag and the cover. Lovesack are made in China and have what they call a “two lifetime” guarantee against manufacturer defects that cause the bean bag to break, leak or go flat. The Comfy Sack is your ultimate choice in comfort. Comfy Sacks offers superior quality furniture grade foam and the softest covers available. The company produce the products to last you a lifetime. What you are purchasing is not just an oversized ‘bean bag’ chair. You are purchasing a piece of furniture that will last you a lifetime and become your new place to get comfy!(Read also: Monster Sak vs Lovesac)

The idea behind Lovesac came from their founder, Shawn David Nelson, and started as a big bean bag chair. Perhaps the most cutting edge product they offer is their sectionals, which are meant to be your go-to piece of furniture, no matter what you need them for. They can be formed into a traditional looking sectional, but can also be moved around to accommodate all sorts of events and needs. Lovesac may evoke nostalgia that comes with that bean bag look, these are so much more comfortable than the blobs that sat in your college dorm room. That’s because sacs are filled with premium shredded Durafoam which absorbs body weight evenly for ideal support of your now-grown-up back. The comfort offered by the sac goes beyond its insides: You can order your sac in super plush “phur” or velvet in a variety of cozy colors. Forget the couch, why not have all your friends pile onto a giant pillow?

Overall, Comfy Sacks take extreme pride in offering only the highest quality materials and fabrics that Comfy Sack customers have come to expect. All comfy sacks are crafted right in the United States; with shredded Comfy Foam™, many colors to choose compared against a comparable Lovesac. Comfy Sacks are your best choice in comfortable yet affordable foam chairs. Comfy Sacks offer you the bean bag chairs in more sizes and fabrics than LoveSac.