Clearstream 2V vs Mohu 60

Confused in choosing between Clearstream 2V and Mohu 60? Both of these two products are popular TV antennas on the market right now. Why do we need a TV antenna? Well, unlike the cable services, which require regular bills for the channels, a TV antenna will let you enjoy local broadcasts as well as some broadcast channels freely. You can enjoy free TV channels. It is also important that you keep up to date with the local news, and you can do this by following the local broadcasts. Even though both Clearstream 2V and Mohu 60 have similar ranges, there are several differences that you need to consider in choosing between these two models.

Directional vs. Omnidirectional
Perhaps the very first factor that you need to consider in choosing between these two models is whether you need a directional or omnidirectional antenna. You need a directional antenna when all the broadcast signals are coming from relatively the same direction. This is usually true for homes in the rural area, as the broadcast towers are usually in the city. Clearstream 2V is a directional antenna. Meanwhile, if the signals are coming from different directions, you will not be able to get all the signals using a directional antenna. Instead, you need to use an omnidirectional antenna. Usually, when the signals are coming from different directions, an omnidirectional antenna can catch more signals than a directional antenna, but not always all the channels have excellent quality. (See also: ClearStream 2V vs 4V)

Both antennas are rated at 60 miles. However, they have different power levels. Clearstream 2V is the one more powerful, as the model has indeed been designed for use by homes distant from the center of the city. It has excellent gain levels that allow you to still get good quality from the maximum distance. Mohu 60 has somewhat weaker gain levels.

Finally, we also need to note that Clearstream 2V is quite a significantly bulky antenna. The size is very big. It can be difficult to place inside the home. But you can install it outdoor because it is weatherproof. Mohu 60 is smaller and more compact, allowing for easier placement inside the home, but the antenna is also weatherproof for sure.

If all the signals are coming from the same direction, you should choose Clearstream 2V for the best performance. Otherwise, for an omnidirectional antenna, Mohu 60 is the way to go.