ClearStream 2V vs 4V

If you are currently looking for a powerful antenna that can capture broadcast signals from far away towers and transmitters, ClearStream models are your best bet. There are two models available, which are ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 4V. ClearStream’s antennas are well-known in the market as the ones that prevail when the others fall. For rural areas, a regular antenna may not be able to receive signals, especially if some of the towers are located on the opposite side of the city. However, ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 4V have been specifically designed to perform in these difficult places. So, what is the difference between ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 4V? Which is the one that you should choose?

Maximum Range and Gain
The primary difference between ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 4V is about the maximum range and gain. ClearStream 2V ‘only’ has a maximum range of 60 miles, which is more-or-less equal to 96.5 kilometers. The signal gain is slightly weaker at 10.2 dBi. On the other hand, ClearStream 4V has an extended range of 70 miles maximum or 112.6 kilometers, with a signal gain of 12.25 dBi. As you can see, the 4V has a considerably longer range, but the 2V’s range is already very long. There is no need to keep beating on a dead horse; you don’t really need a longer range if you already get all the channels you want. But, on the other side, an antenna with a longer range is most probably able to capture more channels. Both can go through dense foliage and building materials very well.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that both ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 4V are directional antennas. In other words, you need to aim them to the direction of the incoming signals. Both are also very rugged and durable, ready for heavy-duty usage as they both have the all-weather mounting hardware.

Regarding the size, neither can be said as compact. Looking at these antennas, we can say for sure that they are most suitable for outdoor mounting. And they are not the most good-looking models on the market. Their performance levels are the best, though. ClearStream 4V is quite bigger and bulkier due to having more elements, whereas ClearStream 2V is comparably smaller.

In general, ClearStream 4V makes the best choice here. It has the best range and power. However, if your place is not very far from the city, then ClearStream 2V is most probably sufficient.