Chiminea vs Fire Pit

Do you want to add some fire to your patio? Adding either a Chiminea or a Fire Pit can be great for a patio, especially for relaxing and enjoying the outdoor wind at night. You can enjoy the night sky with your good friends and loved ones without getting too cold. If you want to have some fire on your patio, you must be considering about getting either Chiminea or Fire Pit right now. So, what is the difference between a Chiminea and a Fir Pit? Which is the one that is the most suitable for your patio? Don’t make a hasty choice! First, make sure that you understand the differences between Chiminea and Fire Pit.

In terms of design, these two objects may have a similar purpose, but they have very different characteristics. Chiminea is a contained fire bowl that has sides that extend vertically to form a chimney. You can say that it appears almost like a vase or a jar. Because of the design, the fire is somewhat contained. This is good if you live in a windy place. The sides will help in preventing the wind from extinguishing the fire – or worse, from blowing the fire to the surrounding. However, it will also not let you build up a big fire.

A Chiminea is usually about 24” or so in diameter. Fire, heat, and smoke go out from the chimney. The chimney has been designed to prevent your patio from getting smoky, at the same time retaining more heat. Another plus of the Chiminea is that the contained design makes it very neat and easy to clean. It doesn’t leave ashes outside and it will stay good-looking after usage.

On the other hand, a Fire Pit is a rather large bowl that is open. The wall is short and there is no chimney. A Fire Pit can be as small as 24” and up to over 40” in diameter. Due to the open design and larger size, you can build a fire in it. Real, big fire, using regular size logs. You will enjoy the heat 360 degrees around the Fire Pit. However, a Fire Pit is more prone to wind, and this can be dangerous if your place has heavy wind. A Fire Pit may also look bad after usage and may need some more effort for the cleaning.

Depending on your needs and preferences, both Chiminea and Fire Pit can be good solutions. If you don’t have any issue with wind and you want to make a big fire, then Fire Pit can be your choice. Otherwise, Chiminea should be the way to go, as it protects both you and the fire more properly. It is easier to clean, too.