Child Step Stool vs Squatty Potty

Time sure flies fast and our baby is already big enough to ride their first bike and run around the house chasing their dog. If you also found that there is little need for diaper, it is a good time to start potty training with support stool like Child Step Stool vs Squatty Potty. They are often used by parents to train their toddlers and are equally good but, before shopping, see which tool will suit your children the best below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– When to Start Potty Training
– What are Child Step Stool and Squatty Potty
– What Child Step Stool and Squatty Potty Look Like
– What are the Benefit of Child Step Stool and Squatty Potty
– Child Step Stool vs Squatty Potty

Potty Training
Being a new parent is an unforgettable moments that we will remember forever and even when our children is already an adult, our love as parents won’t shed even a little. While this amazing experience will become like a daily life for experienced parents, our duty stays the same when it comes to help educate our children and teach them about various things including how to use the toilet for urination and defecation which often start between the age of 2 and 3 for both boys and girls.

Some parents are worried about when it is the best time to start their toddler potty training and if it is the same with you, there are some signs to indicate they are ready for the next step. The most often is they start to feel embarrassed when want to peeing or popping. Many of them will also start mimicking and get curious about the parents when using the toilet or want to try themselves. Another good sign to start the training is the drop of diaper changing frequency.

Due to their small body, potty training can’t be done on a regular toilet since it is too big and tall for them which is why some of us are also using additional padding so they won’t fall into the toilet and use the stool to keep their feet on the ground. Stool for toddlers are widely available and we can choose any shape or height to complement their body that may not be the same from one child to another but, in fact it is also beneficial for adults. Read also: LoveSac Vs Corda Roy here.

About Child Step Stool and Squatty Potty
If your child is ready to walk the first step of youth, now is a good time to introduce using the toilet for urinating and defecating. When it comes to stool, we actually have so many options out there from the wooden stool we can make at home with available or purchased material or getting a plastic version that we can get in baby needs store and various other grocery stores. However, the most often being used by parents are either Child Step Stool or Squatty Potty.

Not only for training their children, the fact that stool is beneficial to promote a more ideal defecating form is a great benefit when having one. Child Step stool are available from different manufacturers and brands or you can even make one at home if you prefer to be more creative with the stool. On the other hand Squatty Potty is a brand which main activity is selling and manufacturing toilet stool as well as other toilet related tools such as scrubbing brush.

Child Step Stool and Squatty Potty Design
Child Step Stool are varied greatly between models and manufacturers but most of them are coming in two platform such as the sample picture above and the tallest it can get or the top step is about 14-inch while the lower step height is usually 6-inch tall. The material they are made from are also different but the most common we see is from wood with natural or artificial finish as you prefer better. On the other hand, Squatty Potty is made from plastic in mostly white fashion.

The sample we used above is the one used for children and called as Potty Pets with the cute animal design available in white and light brown color option but, there are also the standard or basic model for adults which height is available at 7-inch and 9-inch while the children stool top height with the cap is 12.5-inch and without cap at 10.5-inch from the floor. What’s the same is the weight limit for all of these stools can be used up to 250 lbs.

Child Step Stool and Squatty Potty Benefit
For children, the clear benefit of using toilet stool is to keep their feet in contact with the ground starting from when they are training until they are tall enough to not use one anymore. Besides to keep their feet on the ground with support, it is also useful so then can go up and step down by themselves safely compared when they have to hop. For the adult user, stool is also equally beneficial despite our tall height which should be fine without a stool anymore.

The reason why people are starting to use stool on their toilet is because the squatting form which is achieved with the stool is actually promoting a more natural position for the bowels to move. It is natural and very helpful when the user is suffering from constipation, hemorrhoids or inflammatory bowel diseases as well as useful for maintaining healthy bowels and reduce the chance of experiencing these issues in the future with a daily use since it is comfortable after a few tries.

For those with shorter height whether adults or children will be more comfortable with a supporting stool below their feet because when the feet were dangling freely, it is increasing the chance of both pain and numbness while a stool can avoid these issues instantly.

Now, let’s compare Child Step Stool with Squatty Potty. As you may already know, both of them are equally useful to both train the toddler to use the toilet or to support the more natural position for urinating and defecating. What’s different is Squatty Potty made from plastic so we don’t have to worry about damaging the unit when accidently gets in contact with water. Depending on the model you choose, Squatty Potty also have various heights to match with the needs in the house.

Child Step Stool vs Squatty Potty

Child Step StoolSquatty Potty
- Made from wood- Made from plastic
- Not friendly with water- More durable
- Fixed height- Adjustable height with support (for children)
- More design options- Limited design options

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences and it is best to get the one that fits your application the most but, between the two, we do choose Squatty Potty due to its plastic material and longer durability.