Cellulose Insulation vs Fiberglass

Choosing a correct insulation for your home or for your workplace is very important. It saves your money and keeps your area with comfortable temperature at the right time when it is needed. Many homes loose much heat through the roof space that ends up contributing to a larger heating bills and more use in heating equipment in the process of trying to keep their temperature consistent. There are several remedies to this problem; however we are going to check through cellulose insulation vs fiberglass insulation as being the best modes of insulation.

In fiberglass insulation, it is up of rock wool which is the main man made fiber, the contractor make use melting the rocks together to form a rock wool which results a perfect insulation process. They make use of a fiberglass by weaving together long threads of rock wool with even diameters.

In cellulose, unlike the fiberglass it is built up of about 70 to 80% of recycled paper and that these papers has been pulverized into tiny fibers, then handled with borax and boric that make it resistant to pests and fire attack. Fiberglass is normally water resistant and non-combustible element that makes it a unique factor why most homes like it. In cellulose it also has a unique and a perfect factor main of them being pest and fire resistant.

When it comes to coverage fiberglass stays intact into the walls and it does not move to the nearby surrounding. It covers the about 80-90% of insulation area with about 10 % of space left for insulation. In cellulose the case of coverage is 100% percentage of insulation area, the ratio is every 1% of uncovered area, there is 5% reduction in insulation efficiency. Cellulose has a loose texture quality than a fiberglass insulation which is strong and elastic.

No doubt that you know the difference in cellulose insulation vs fiberglass. When comparing fiberglass is better because it incorporates all the qualities of cellulose insulation plus it is stronger, longer lasting and more flexible than cellulose insulation. Their raw materials make it perfect insulation material and have no side effect suitable for all weather conditions region, just try it