Calphalon Unison Review: A Versatile and Well-Performed Nonstick Cookware

Do you have any cookware problem? You probably found a lot of problems when using a cookware which is not made properly. That’s why you need this nonstick cookware, Calphalon Unison. This cookware is categorized as a nonstick cookware. It has a lot of interesting features which make it different than any other products. Calphalon Unison is known for its versatility and good looks. It is a very versatile nonstick pan which can be used in many different kitchen tasks. You can sear meat, cooking seafood, and other beautiful cooking. It also comes with two kinds of surface, the sear surface which has a special texture and the slide surface. Each surface has its ability and benefits which are why you need to see more below for more explanation.

The surface is made in two section, the sear surface, and the slide surface. The sear surface allows you to brown and sear evenly. The slide surface is very shiny and extra smooth, allowing you to release food without needing too much effort. The pans itself is built with a thick anodized aluminum which allows it to have an even heat distribution with no hot spots. It is also made especially for searing with the special sear nonstick surface. You can feel the easiness when using this product and you can;t deny the fact that all the healthy food come from a healthy cookware. This cookware is made based on this point of view, that’s why you won’t get any health problem when consuming the food which is made from Calphalon Unison cookware. Lastly, the design is ergonomic, and the price is very economical and great for your new collection.

The performance from Calphalon Unison is very decent. Its ability to easily slide the food makes the cooking need less effort than before. You can enjoy your cooking while getting a good food for your family. The surface that it has is excellent; we said this based on its performance which is better than the usual nonstick cookware. The sear surface of Calphalon Unison is very effective for browning and better any other common nonstick cookware. If you find that washing a pan is a hard job than the important part is to ensure that it can put into the dishwasher, in this case, Calphalon Unison is safe to be put into the dishwasher. And to add it up even further, the cookware is oven safe which is why you can finish your dishes in the oven which is fantastic.

The Calphalon Unison is a very versatile product which offers a pretty good performance nonstick cookware. It has a better performance than the moderate nonstick cookware out there which is why you need to get this product into your top list.

Specifications of Calphalon Unison
8-inch and 10-inch pan set.
Heavy-gauge, hard anodized aluminum construction.
Two different nonstick surfaces for different cooking tasks; healthy, easy-to-clean nonstick surfaces to cook with professional precision.
Ultra-smooth Slide pans release foods effortlessly for delicate sauces and tender omelets. Specially-textured Sear pans seal in flavor and provide perfect browning of vegetables, meats, and fishes.
Flat and wide-surfaced bottoms provide plenty of room for cooking and heat evenly. Sloped sides for easy rolling and tossing.
Long, quadruple-riveted stainless steel handles stay cool while cooking.
Carries Calphalon’s full lifetime warranty.
100% dishwasher safe.
Oven safe to 500-Degree F / 260-Degree C.
Ideal for omelet’s, crepes, frying breaded fish, meat, poultry and croque-monsieur, cheese sandwiches, crab cakes.

Pros of Calphalon Unison
– Very easy to use and versatile for different cooking tasks, thanks to the sophisticated dual surfaces
– Excellent heat distribution
– The handles stay cool during cooking, allowing you to lift the pans easily
– Dishwasher safe and oven safe

Price of Calphalon Unison
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