Box Spring vs Bed Frame

The bedroom is one of the important spaces in your home. The bedroom is the first place on the visit when you feel tired because of activity throughout the day. Because sleep must be equipped with a bed. The bed is the main furniture in the bedroom. The bed has an important function to rest. So it is recommended for you to choose comfortable beds. It aims so fun when you take a break. When you decide to buy a bed, you have to know some type of bed especially beds. Therefore, we need to be observant in choosing what type of bed in accordance with the concept of the design of our homes in order to obtain the maximum comfort. Unfortunately most people are hard-pressed to mention types of beds are bunks when the middle was in furniture shops. Did you know about the Box Spring vs Bed Frame? If not or curious as to what the form and function of each of them, we have provided a review that will define the specification or its use.

Definition of Box Spring

A box-spring or often called divan in some countries is a type of bed base typically consisting of a sturdy wooden frame covered in cloth and containing springs. Usually the box-spring is placed on top of a wooden or metal bed-frame that sits on the floor and acts as a brace, except in the UK where the divan is more often fitted with small casters. The box-spring is usually the same size as the much softer mattress that is placed on it. Working together, the box-spring and mattress (with optional bed frame) make up a bed. It is common to find a box-spring and mattress being used together without the support of a frame underneath, the box spring being mounted directly on casters standing on the floor.

Definition of Bed Frame

A bed frame or bedstead is the part of a bed used to position the mattress and base or foundation, and may include means of supporting a canopy above. Bed frames are typically made of wood or metal. A bed frame includes head, foot, and side rails. It may also include slats to support the mattress, in which case a separate base is not necessary, as in a platform bed. Most double (full) sized beds, along with all queen and king size beds, require some type of center support rail, typically also with extra feet extending down to the floor. The term “bed frame” was first used in 1805-1815.

Fact About Box Spring

Unlike with conventional mattresses or common mattress, this product is developed through special technology so that its size could be pressed until the load is placed in a box. Actually it has been discussed in Box Spring vs Slats in different way. This mattress itself is packaged in plastic layers in the shape of rolls. After the beans are sent to the House, you just need to determine where the mattress will be placed. Remove the mattress from the crib, then wrapping the mattress and plastic scissors would widen and expand it yourself. It took about an hour to let the case really fluffy perfect and ready for use. Not only practical, box spring also give priority to convenience products. This mattress Pocket Spring per use technology to create a more quality sleep time. Pocket Spring beds are comfortable making because it will not be affected by the movement-the movement of the person next to you when sleeping.

Foam mattress also has high density that can sustain the weight of the body with optimal. Pocket Spring technology also are orthopedic, this means supporting the spine in a good posture so that it does not result in pain or pain when waking up. While the outer coating material made from fabric knitting with quilting. No matter their material claimed is not hot when used to sleep at night.

Fact About Bed Frame

Bunk bed can prevent the mattress from the humidity of the air. This can be seen because of using cots, beds do not come into contact with the floor. In addition, the couches are usually made of wood or the atomic material would be more resistant to damp than on the banquettes have become one with the mattress. In addition, the use of COTS will give the price of the cheaper treatments. This caused using cots, beds will be more durable. Humidity is high floor because it covered from the Sun’s light will affect the quality of a lot of buffer 2 in 1 bed normally used by modern bedding. When buffer crib bedding so one is damaged, the damage will go directly to the mattress so it will accelerate damage to the mattress. Unlike the crib, they will last longer than the humidity because they do not directly touch the floor. So there is space under the bed can be used as air circulation and prevent crib from damage due to damp.

The use of cots can also be made into a multifunctional furniture. This is because cribs can be booked customize needs and have lots of models. Multifunctional couches is usually used as a buffer to the bed as well as a storage area. Users can make use of the empty space among banquettes with floor (the space under the bed) as storage space. This storage space could be made at once to become one with the design of the crib so that one day there are drawers-drawer storage on the side of the bed.


For the conclusion of Box Spring vs Bed Frame, it might be their function for our back as this question appeared: Are box spring beds good for the back? Or are bed platforms better? The answer will be Box Spring. Bed Frame itself is an ideal bed for people with age under the 25 years old. Because they will be provided with a low quality or worn-out mattress this will not be comfortable for them. While, the more expensive one, Box Spring, it is more comfortable when it is used with a lower quality mattress, but, you will get the advantage is lost when paired with a high quality thick mattress.