Bay Window vs Bow Window

The living room is an area which indirectly is the face of a House, of course, it’s what makes the appearance of the living room could not be ignored. One of the important elements in the living room is the presence of a window. The function of a window on a living room among other things, as the makers of the view, as the lighting, and for air circulation. From the Options window design House that impressed ancient transformed into the design of modern home window and simple. Lots of world famous window brands with innovative design and certainly can be used as a reference for those of you who are building or are renovating the residence. Including Bay Window vs a Bow Window.

Bay Window
Similar to a Bow Window, the window with the design of Bay Window also consists of some Windows made one. However, when the Bow Window is formed curved Bay Window then impressed even more broken. For use in Indonesia, just as the Bow Window, only found in the Villa or beachfront homes. Advantage is the empty section between grooves window can usually be given a Board that can be used for seating/reading. A window can be hexagonal, octagonal or square in shape, and offers extended homeowners views, natural abundance of light and additional space for seating or storage. Most homeowners who choose to install double-hung windows or crank windows as flankers, which can be opened and closed for ventilation. “If homeowners want bigger chair boards and larger picture windows, they’ll want to install bay windows,” said Abby Binder, owner of Abby Windows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “In addition, if you want to wider flank the windows that you can open, select a bay.”

Bow Window
Model arc or home window often called Bow Window is composed of multiple Windows are shaped into an arch. In the countries of Southeast Asia, the use of the bow model window itself has not been so prevalent so that we usually find the window model like this in a beachfront Villa or House to enjoy the scenery more freely. The bow window is a set of four to six windows, also projecting out of the exterior walls of the house, but where all the windows are the same size. The windows arc are more symmetrical, and create more of a curved appearance than a window. The bow windows tend to let more light into that space, as they consist of more glass panes than a window. They also have the ability to wrap around the corner from the house, giving homeowners a unique viewing angle. But it may come down to the structural design of your home that determines what type of window fits best. “A window will stand out from the walled opening further away from the bow window,” said Jeff Ford, owner of Windows by Jeff in Jenks, Oklahoma. “The house overhang will determine whether or not you want a bay or bow window.

Maybe the conclusion will be more about cost on each Bay Window vs Bow Window. The cost of the arc window runs roughly 2.5 times the cost of a flat window similar to a similar sized opening. That is because the bow window is not a single window. In the case of Stanek windows, the bow is a custom-made wood shell equipped with some custom windows. In addition, the installation of arc windows is more complex than the installation of a regular bay window. Arc window installation requires a tie-in soft fit or a new hip roof to properly cover out air and water.