Bagless vs Bagged Vacuum

When choosing for a vacuum cleaner for your home, perhaps there is no question to spark a heated debate other than “Should I get a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner?” A lot of people have been wondering which model is best.

Needless to say, bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners have each own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your condition and preference, you may prefer one of them over the other. Below, we are about to see the differences between bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners. So, continue reading!

Bagged Vacuum

As the name suggests, a bagged vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that has a dust bag inside the main vacuum unit that functions to collect the gathered dirt. Depending on the type of bag that you use, once the bag is full, you can either dispose it or simply empty it.


On the other hand, a bagless vacuum cleaner doesn’t use any bag to collect the dust. A bagless vacuum cleaner can be either filtered or cyclonic. A filtered bagless vacuum uses a filter in the canister to trap the dirt, whereas a cyclonic bagless vacuum relies on the power of the cyclonic action to separate the dirt from the air within the canister.


If you have allergy or asthma, your safest bet is the bagged vacuum. It is friendlier to you. Otherwise, you can pick the bagless vacuum, which can be more convenient to use.