Azek vs Trex

If you are now in the market looking for the best, most convenient decking that won’t require too much maintenance, Azek and Trex are two interesting choices. Both are known for their durable, long-lasting decking products. However, there are several important differences that set the two brands apart. To begin with, they use different materials. Azek offers PVC decking products, whereas Trex features composite wood. They also offer different lines and designs. Continue reading below to better understand the differences between Azek vs Trex!

About Azek
The Azek company was founded in 1983, and is now headquartered in Skokie, Illinois. They aimed to conquer the market of low-maintenance exterior trims in 2001, whereas their decking products were first introduced in 2007. Today, the company’s products have encompassed a wide range of building materials, including trims, decking, moulding, railing, pavers, and porches.

The big difference between Azek vs Trex is the material. Azek’s decking products are based on a cellular PVC material, but the general audience tends to refer to the materials simply as plastic. The whole core contains no wood fibers. As the effect, it is resistant to termites, moisture, and rot. There are various features and technologies implemented onto the products to provide protection against scratches and sunlight.

Azek’s Decking Lines
Azek currently has three product lines for their decking products, which are Vintage, Arbor, and Harvest.
– The Vintage line features timeless wood looks with rich colors, dramatic streaking, and board-to-board variations. They look very similar to real woods. This is the most expensive line of the three. There are several models available, such as English Walnut, Mahogany, and Weathered Teak.
– The Arbor line features a wide range of warm, earthy tones which emulate tropical hardwoods. The vibrant tones are striking and vivid. Some examples are Acacia, Mountain Redwood, and Silver Oak.
– The Harvest line offers high-performance models with a soft, calming color palette suitable for an outdoor living space. This is the most affordable line of the three. Some examples include Autumn Chestnut, Slate Gray, and Brownstone.

If you prefer to shop a decking product by the color, Azek can also help you out. They have categorized their products according to the colors as well. There are three color categories:
– Warm, refined browns. Suitable to pair with a home decoration with vivid accents, pastel colors, or Americana tones.
– Trendy sophisticated grays. The gray tone is able to either homogenize or contrast a pattern. It is great for either toning down or intensifying the surrounding colors.
– Traditional Americana reds. These woody hues can support a wide range of color accents, suitable for traditional as well as contemporary designs.

About Trex
The Trex company was founded 1996. It is now headquartered in Winchester, Virginia. It is one of the leading manufacturers that produce decking, railing, and other outdoor items from recycled materials. According to the public documents, Trex is now the largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking and railing in the world.

The most contrasting difference between Azek vs Trex is the material. Trex’s decking products are made of recycled composite wood. Compared to Azek, Trex is generally more affordable. Most recycled materials are made of oak wood flour. The core of the board is made of recycled composite wood. The top-half of the board is capped for protection against environmental factors.

Trex’s Product Lines
Trex also comes with three product lines, which are Select, Enhance, and Transcend.
– The Select line is the most affordable. It has the simplest high-performance models. They have nature-inspired colors and a clean finish. There are five color choices of browns and grays.
– The Enhance line features low-maintenance high-performance composites. They come with high-definition grain patterns, classic colors, and a rich sophisticated finish. There are three color choices: Saddle, Beach Dune, and Clam Shell.
– The Transcend line is the most expensive. The models in this line are much more resistant to scratches, molds, stains, and fading. They are very easy to clean; you only need some soap and water. There are 12 choices of deep wood-grain patterns and luxury colors. (Read also : TimberTech vs Trex)

The official website also allows you to choose a decking product by the color. If you use the color selector feature, you will be presented with several choices of colors and patterns. Choose one of them, and you will be given the models that have that color/pattern.

PVC or Composite Wood?
When choosing between Azek vs Trex, the very first question that you need to answer is whether you prefer PVC or composite wood. Each of these two materials have different pros and cons.

You should choose Azek if you prefer PVC decking. The first advantage of PVC is that it is much easier to maintain. In most cases, you don’t need a special cleaning solution to wipe the surface. In addition, you don’t really need to seal the boards to protect them against moisture and insects. The second advantage of PVC is that it is more durable; it can withstand the elements better, and it won’t rot.

However, if you prefer composite wood decking, you should choose Trex. In general, composite wood is less durable. It requires more care to last, and you need to protect it against moisture and possible insect infestation.

However, the benefits may worth the effort if you really love the look and feel of wood; composite wood resembles real wood more closely. The textured surface ensures better slip resistance. You may also prefer Trex if you want to go green and environment-friendly, as it uses recycled materials.

Don’t forget to consider the warranty when choosing any product. You don’t want to end up with a defective product without any way to complain. Besides, the warranty may also indicate the product’s optimum lifetime.

Azek comes with a better warranty. Each Azek decking is protected by a 30-year fade and stain warranty. In addition, there is also a lifetime limited warranty which covers manufacturing defects for some models. On the other hand, each Trex decking only has a 25-year fade and stain warranty.

In general, Azek is more recommended because of the easier maintenance, better durability, and longer warranty. However, you may choose Trex if you don’t mind to put some extra effort into the maintenance, in order to enjoy the more wood-like look and feel. You may also want to choose Trex if you prefer environment-friendly products, as it uses recycled materials.