Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner

Air coolers are also known as evaporative coolers and swamp coolers. While an air cooler vs air conditioner basically do the same thing which create cool air, they can be very different in terms of the technology they use, how energy efficient they are, and where an air cooler vs air conditioner can be used. Currently there are still many who mention the water cooler as a mini portable Air Conditioner, when in fact there are no similar products. The popularity of air conditioner as the air conditioner makes a lot of people equate water cooler with air conditioner. Therefore, the following differences between the Air Conditioner and the air cooler so that you can learn:

Air Cooler
Water Cooler or water Humidifier is a tool that can generate cool air and cooling device included in the air or air conditioning. However, this time the diameter and shape of a Water Cooler in the make more mini. Therefore now comes with a more modern design and futuristic. Because it’s been made more mini, then the mobility will be increasingly easy, easy on the move-move the place and brought everywhere, because now there is also a mini Water Cooler has a size with a length of only 15 cm so that it can easily to put in the bag. In contrast to the fan who only produce wind only, the resulting water cooler air feels much cooler and cooler. Because in the back of the water cooler is indeed a plus box which contains cold water to create cool air and cool while lit.

Air Conditioner
Air conditioner is an electronic device which is the development of the technology of the engine coolant. Ordinary air conditioner were installed to provide cool air and provides moisture that is needed by the body. Living in tropical Indonesia, such as the presence of Air conditioner is very helpful to give Eve a cool and give comfort. Air conditioner produces cold by means of soaking up the hot air around the room. The transfer of heat is the one who causes the air to cool down process. Material used as a coolant in air conditioner is referred to as a refrigerant. Refrigerant actually is not found only on air conditioner, but on other electronic items like freezer & refrigerator. Air Conditioner is not designed solely as an air conditioner but also as a means of health, resulting in dry Air and cold. Various technological innovations for health improvements continue to be made.

After a brief explanation above it can be concluded that the water cooler and the air conditioner is not the same thing. Both are very much different. If you don’t want the whole room at home using air conditioner and maybe with a little frugality a reason then the water cooler of course could be the options. Air cooler does not take much energy to cool the area, some air coolers have an energy rating of 100 until 400 Watts. Whereas the normal energy rating of the Air Conditioner is in the range of 1000even more of Watts.